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How to Specify a Custom Power Resistor?


When standard power of a resistor doesn't match demands of particular application then custom resistor is a onetime solution for such difficulty. For you to be sure that a resistor perform to its specification for a long period of time, close by co-operation becomes a necessity between system design and application specified for a particular resistor manufacturer in the process of designing phase. It is essential that resistor manufacturer get supplied to a lot of processed data as possible about custom resistor elements and final application ensuring they is a good chance that delivers device fit for the specified purposes. Application issues that are supposed to be considered entail the following:

Heat management is one of the important issue which entails specifying actual temperature that is operating, direction of flowing air, closeness of temperature sensitivity and heat that is produced by the various components with board area that is available to provide accommodations of custom power of the resistor. This is also of use in specification of available height vertically mounted resistor which is suitable solution in a few applications. All of your question about power resistors will be answered when you follow the link.

In many application, the available board area gets limited on the other hand trying to decrease size of resistor has implication for release of heat, functionality of a resistor and a very long period of time good performance. Appropriate choice substrate material one solution maximize heat release even though the other material minimize at an escalating cost.

Surges and electrostatic discharge are other reasons that make power resistor fail due to applying of repetitive surge condition. On the other hand if quantified plus fed to designing process in early stages then effect of surge conditions can be minimized. Surge conditions existing between systems ought to identified and their duration, amplitude and shape provided toward resistor manufacturers. Survival of surges can be improvised by picking appropriate materials and optimizing dense film firing procedure. Get attached to us now and learn some lesson about the custom resistor.

Mechanical as well as environmental apprehension is inclusive of mechanical damage, corroded elements and shock condition plus moisture are the corroded elements damaging custom power resistor equipment. If it happens that moisture content plus presence or trace of any corrosive element that is particularly known, then suitable coat can be applied protecting resistor device instantaneous. When handled carelessly, it can cause damage to the substrate make or connection to a system board which can be reduced to a specified subject that are well known. Shock can also damage resistor and resistive aspects though their effect can be minimized by altering resistor mount substrate type. The specifications can therefore assist in identification of a custom power resistor.